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The pace of automation is accelerating, thanks to advancements in Artificial Intelligence and the need for “contact-less” interactions. More companies need more talent capable of interacting with machines and people. They need employees who can design, build, and maintain new platforms and programs. And they need people who can protect that infrastructure.

Key Strategies

C-Suite IT leaders are currently meeting to refine our strategy, taking into account the impact of 2020, and aligning with regional efforts across NE Ohio. We’re also supporting HR leaders and recruiters by hosting periodic zoom drop-in sessions to discuss shared challenges and best-practice. Tech Sector Partnership meetings will reconvene in the second quarter of 2021.

We continue to build opportunities for minority candidates to gain the right credentials to build careers in tech.

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Video: Ignite IT is a powerful collaboration between the Akron Urban League and ConxusNEO that helps groom candidates for a career in IT.

Video: A Business Case for Diverstiy

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