ConxusNEO Seeking Quotes to Support USEDA Good Jobs Challenge

ConxusNEO is seeking pricing from qualified organizations or partnerships of organizations to provide delivery of part or all of the pillars of the WorkAdvance model in support of a federally supported initiative called the USEDA’s Good Jobs Challenge program. Access the Request for Quotes here.

The primary purpose and goal of this Request for Quotes is to identify potential partners for the delivery of services that support the WorkAdvance model in Portage and Summit Counties through June 30, 2025, in conjunction with the Good Jobs Challenge.

We are seeking the services of organizations who may provide individual services or a combination of services. We also welcome proposed partnerships that would include two or more organizations who can streamline services and enhance their ability to serve the needs of disadvantaged workers to connect with good jobs through WorkAdvance. Organizations proposing to support this work will align service delivery with the pillars of the WorkAdvance model.

Request for Quotes is due by November 29, 2023 at 12:00 pm. Please direct all questions and submissions to Emily Baarson, Manager of Projects and Initiatives at