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Manufacturing has been the heart and soul of our community for many years, positioning Akron, Summit County and Northeast Ohio as a competitive regional economy and global player. Our goal is to ensure companies have access to the talent they need to remain competitive and grow. It’s also important to us that every resident can access good-paying jobs that lead to great careers in manufacturing. We support manufacturing leaders to collaborate with education and training partners to design curriculum that prepares people with relevant skills. Workforce partners are at the table to build capacity to connect people with opportunities. And together, partners generate solutions to fill gaps in the talent supply chain and remove barriers to employment.

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Key Strategies

Align the talent system

Build the high school career pipeline

Generate awareness of manufacturing career opportunities and training for adults

get involved

Manufacturing Meet Ups

Meet Ups – Zoom meeting for manufacturing companies to discuss business concerns and challenges as well as resources and best practices.

Manufacturing Sector Partnership Meetings – All partners with a vested interest in the talent pipeline for manufacturing come together to work on initiatives developed by the Action Teams and identify how, when, and by whom the work will be done.

Action Team Meetings – Action Teams focus on a specific goal and develop initiatives to achieve those goals.

Meet Ups

AUGUST:  8/27- 8 am

Manufacturing Sector Partnership Meeting

Scaling Apprenticeship Through Sector-Based Strategies Grant

ConxusNEO is an OMA-endorsed sector partnership that was awarded the Akron/Canton region’s portion of the state-wide Department of Labor Scaling Apprenticeship grant.  This grant is intended to increase the number of training programs offering industry-recognized credentials, the number of people earning credentials, and the number of manufacturers employing people with credentials.  ConxusNEO is one of 12 sector partnerships across the state of Ohio collaborating on this $12 million grant. The purpose of this grant is to help alleviate some of the issues around the shortage of skilled workers in the manufacturing industry by expanding the number of “earn-and-learn” programs run by manufacturing employers and the number of employee participants in these programs.

What is Earn-and-Learn?

Earn-and-learn programs encompass any sort of skill-building program that incorporates on-the-job and formal classroom training. Earn-and-learn programs include internships, apprenticeships, co-ops, and more. Earn-and-learn programs are a great way to upskill your current employees and add more workers to your pipeline.

Why Earn-and-Learn?

Earn-and-learn strategies are proven solutions to help manufacturers recruit, train, and retain a skilled workforce. By combining instruction with on-the-job training, earn-and-learn programs increase relevancy, accelerate learning, and ensure the employee is mastering the essential skills. Helping employees advance increases loyalty and improves retention. According to a LinkedIn survey, 93% of employees said they would stay longer at a company that invests in their career development.

Hallmarks of Earn-and-Learn Programs under the Scaling Apprenticeship Grant

  1. Paid, work-based learning
  2. Structured on-the-job training and mentorship
  3. Related technical instruction
  4. Completion of a nationally portable, industry-recognized credential
  5. Safety and equal opportunity standards

The Importance of Industry-Recognized Credentials

The requirement for nationally portable, industry-recognized credentials is an essential element for earn-and-learn projects under the Scaling Apprenticeships grant. The credentials provide third-party verification of an individual’s competence that will be recognized anywhere in the country. They can take many forms, including certifications, certificates, licenses, and degrees.

What’s Next?

Contact Jenny to learn how to get involved in this exciting and unique opportunity to help you solve your workforce challenges. ConxusNEO can connect you to the appropriate educational institution offering the earn-and-learn opportunities, training, and credentials you need.

Video: Scaling Apprenticeship Grant Employer Information Session

Scaling Apprenticeship Presentation

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