Labor market information

labor market information

We generate and share labor market information so it can be used to inform decisions and inspire action. We highlight trends, projections, and skills gaps and we engage business partners to confirm the information based upon their own intelligence.

We Generate and Share Labor Market Information on High Demand Occupations

We utilize EMSI data to update our High Demand Forecast of occupations in order for our community to have up to date information of good paying jobs that are in demand in northeast Ohio.  The jobs listed in our forecast have a median wage of at least $15/hour and anticipate at least 1,000 openings over the next ten years.

We Engage Companies to Develop Career Pathways

We engage companies to help us develop career pathway infographics for high demand occupations. As a result, jobseekers and students can have confidence that these pathways are realistic to advance their career goals.  By utilizing Bureau of Labor Statistics data, these infographics provide a tool for individuals to envision career pathways that begin with high demand occupations and grow by building upon existing skills and gaining additional training.  Data included on the infographics for each occupation: skills needed, description of the occupation, median wage (without benefits) in the Akron MSA.

Labor Market Information is Used to Identify Workforce Needs and Launch Sector Partnerships

By utilizing Burning Glass Labor Insight data provided by Shanahan Resources, Inc., we were able to take the next steps to launch a healthcare sector partnership in 2019.  This information was vetted by healthcare organizations to define the demand for talent and develop innovative strategies to address workforce issues.  Learn more about the healthcare sector partnership.

We Looked at Occupations in Manufacturing and IT to Determine Where the Skills Gaps Exist

In July 2017, ConxusNEO, in partnership with with RITE and MAGNET, conducted a skills gap research project to measure the gap between the supply of graduates from Northeast Ohio colleges and universities, and the number of in-demand, entry-level occupations in which recent college graduates qualified. By utilizing Burning Glass Labor Insight provided by Shanahan Resources,Inc. and insight gained from companies, ConxusNEO supported the Tech and Manufacturing Industry Sector Partnerships to take strategic action to close the skills gap. Funding support for this project was also provided by Stark State College, Lorain County Community College, and Cuyahoga County Community College.

We Provided Data to Akron Public Schools to Inform Career Pathway Offerings

Beginning November 2016, ConxusNEO provided EMSI data to Akron Public Schools to support its process to select high demand, high wage career pathways for transitioning each high school into a college and career academy by 2019.