Our Vision

Build a World-Class Talent System

ConxusNEO is a driving force in Summit County working hard to catalyze growth and opportunity. Our vision is to support and sustain a world-class, demand-driven and data-informed talent development system that connects companies, residents and jobs. We’re invested in fostering meaningful, cross-sector collaboration and changing the community’s expectation for the kind of talent system we need. Ideally, ConxusNEO aims to:

How We Define Prosperity

Our mission is so much bigger and more holistic than finding quick-fix jobs for the unemployed. At ConxusNEO, our ultimate goal is prosperity. We connect residents with opportunities to illuminate career pathways that provide a sustainable living wage. For companies, prosperity equates with the increased competitiveness that comes with greater access to the right talent and more inclusive hiring practices. For communities, it means strong neighborhoods and a more vibrant economy. For residents seeking good jobs, prosperity is life changing.

Is This Kind of Systems Change Possible?

You better believe it. Our team and board of directors have the experience and connections to drive this shift. We partner with stakeholders across the talent system to establish a common language, shared goals and aligned strategies. ConxusNEO also harvests and analyzes reliable labor market data. Then, we share it with the community to help companies, career seekers, educators and community leaders make focused decisions. As an independent, nonprofit organization, ConxusNEO is free from the bureaucratic processes that can often stall these kinds of efforts. We are informed, agile and deeply committed to generating results.

Your pathway to prosperity can start right here. Connect with us to learn more