Why ConxusNEO?

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We partner with businesses to identify the skills they need to fill positions and build a talent     pipeline. We support our business partners to work with educators, workforce programs, economic development organizations and the public sector to generate innovative solutions.

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How We Work

Two areas distinguish our work – our role and our strategy.

ConxusNEO provides leadership, expertise, and facilitation to improve talent system partner performance while laying a foundation for system-wide transformation. The goal is to position companies to be more competitive and to increase access to opportunity for Summit County’s residents.

We start with the needs of companies and focus on getting the right people, with the right skills, to the right place, at the right time. We utilize a supply chain approach to deliver value to the end customer, the company. That means talent supply chain partners – education and training providers, the public workforce system, economic development leaders, and community-based organizations – also benefit from generating shared value across the system and support to build their own capacity to deliver value. Achieving the best mix of responsiveness and efficiency benefits everyone.

ConxusNEO provides key functions to bring high-performing players together working collectively to take action on shared goals:

  • Identify where there is the greatest unmet demand for a skilled workforce within targeted industry sectors
  • Mobilize key stakeholders to respond to that demand
  • Track results to determine whether the resulting interventions are making a difference, and to gain insights into what works and what doesn’t

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The need to build a talent system that Akron provides opportunity for Summit County residents and a competitive edge for companies has been highlighted recently. Find out more below.

KeyBank, JumpStart fund workforce development effort in Akron May 11, 2018

Cleveland-based KeyBank and the entrepreneur-support nonprofit JumpStart Inc. are investing in Akron with funding for two of the city’s prominent nonprofit groups so that they can launch a project to address unemployment and underemployment among minorities.

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Akron Urban League, ConxusNEO awarded $120k by KeyBank Business Boost & Build Program, powered by JumpStart

KeyBank’s Business Boost & Build program has awarded $120,000 to the Summit Workforce Development Project, which will address unemployment among local minorities.

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Stocks Getting Investors Vote of Confidence- KeyCorp (NYSE:KEY), Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)

The KeyBank Business Boost & Build program, powered by JumpStart, has awarded $120,000 to fund collaboration between two prominent Akron organizations, the Akron Urban League and ConxusNEO.

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