labor market information

Labor market data allows us to determine what jobs need to be filled, the skills required for those jobs, and the number of people completing programs that prepare them for those jobs. We calculate the gap between supply and demand to identify potential adjustments to education and training programs that would better meet demand.  Here's how we have embedded labor market information into our work. 

We Began with Manufacturers mfg - trademark

ConxusNEO collaborated with Team NEO in 2015 to support an inquiry led by manufacturers in the metal fabrication industry. That analysis demonstrated manufacturers would face a shortage of skilled workers based on the looming retirement of baby boomers and the dismal entrance of young people into manufacturing. This led quickly to the identification of areas for collective action, the impetus for the Manufacturing Network, to address immediate talent needs and strategies to build a talent pipeline for high demand manufacturing jobs, starting in Akron Public Schools.  

Summit County Manufacturing 2015

Manufacturing Career Pathway

We Identified In-Demand Tech Skills in Manufacturing and IT

Led by the TechHire network which is supported by ConxusNEO, the first significant body of data to illustrate the in-demand technical skills within IT and manufacturing was released in February 2016.  Utilizing Burning Glass Labor Insight provided by Shanahan Resources, Inc., career pathways could be outlined to highlight the most critical skills and competencies for each occupation, average starting salaries, and skills.

High Demand 2016

We Provided Data to Akron Public Schools to Determine Career Pathways

Beginning November 2016, ConxusNEO provided EMSI data to Akron Public Schools to support its process to select high demand, high wage career pathways for transitioning each high school into a College and Career Academy by 2019.  

10 Year ProjectionAll Academy PathwaysPathway Example

We Identified Occupations Projected to Be In Demand Through 2026

Utilizing EMSI data provided by Team NEO, we identified the projected job openings through 2026, accounting for retirements and disruptions to occupations as we know them today because of advances in technology.  This information can be used with jobseekers to help them identify careers to pursue that are in demand in northeast Ohio. 

High Demand Forecast  

We Looked at Occupations in Manufacturing and IT to Determine Where the Skills Gaps Exist

In July 2017, ConxusNEO and RITE Board managed the IT skills gap research project to measure the gap between the supply of graduates from Northeast Ohio colleges and universities, and the number of in-demand, entry-level IT occupations in which these recent college graduates qualified.   By utilizing Burning Glass Labor Insight provided by Shanahan Resources, Inc. and insight gained from companies, ConxusNEO and RITE Board are providing strategic guidance to the tech talent ecosystem to take collective action to develop strategies that will mobilize the community to address the demand for tech talent in Northeast Ohio.  Funding support for this project was also provided by MAGNET, Stark State College, Lorain County Community College, and Cuyahoga County Community College.

 IT Skills Gap - Executive Summary  IT Skills Gap - Full Report

We Released Healthcare Data to the Community

In November 2017, ConxusNEO and Summa Health partnered to provide educators, community-based organizations, and workforce programs labor market information about high demand occupations in healthcare. By utilizing Burning Glass Labor Insight provided by Shanahan Resources, Inc., ConxusNEO debuted its healthcare report so the community could be informed about the impact healthcare has on the local economy and the employment opportunities, including those specific to Summa Heath. 

 Healthcare 2017