Preparing Students to Be Workforce Ready

No matter where you fall within the education system – from career counselors and high school teachers to post-secondary administrators and nontraditional training instructors – you all have one very integral thing in common. As an educator, you are deeply invested in the success of others. In fact, you’ve dedicated your life to it. Unfortunately, earning a degree or completing a training program does not automatically result in immediate employment in a sustainable-wage job. There are many factors within a community that shape educational outcomes. ConxusNEO provides cross-sector leadership to facilitate a high-performing talent development system right here in Summit County. We bring educators together with companies to understand the skills they need in their workforce so you can be better prepared to help your students successfully enter the job market.

Job Preparation and Demand Alignment

By offering relevant curriculum and funneling students toward in-demand professions, you can impact their entire lives for the better. By providing you with up-to-date labor market information, your students can plan their career paths. They already invest a great deal of time in their education, and their end goal, of course, is to find fulfilling work that utilizes their skills and provides them with a sustainable, living wage.

As an educator, you have the unique opportunity to help students find this type of prosperity. How? By aligning their education with the area’s unique market demands. ConxusNEO uses federal labor market data and area job postings data, as well as ongoing engagement with area companies, to help define the area’s most in-demand skills and occupations.

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ConxusNEO is focused on building talent ecosystems to support manufacturing and IT. Join our networks and be an important part of our community’s effort to help us reach our goals to develop pipelines to meet short-and long-term goals.

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The Proof is in the Prosperity

Open communication, cross-sector collaboration and aligned strategies work. The talent system that ConxusNEO supports is already in motion within our community. Read testimonials from Summit County companies, residents and educators about how making these vital connections has helped them on their own unique pathways.

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Connect with us to learn more about how ConxusNEO puts your students on a pathway to prosperity.