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The main area that distinguishes ConxusNEO’s approach is the starting point. Traditional workforce programs often start with the needs of a specific population, and focus on helping that group overcome the obstacles they face in finding gainful employment. The talent development system ConxusNEO is cultivating starts with the needs of companies.

We utilize the supply chain management model as our guide. Establishing a recognized end-customer (company employing residents) provides direction and purpose and is a precondition for generating shared value across all partners in the supply chain (the talent development ecosystem). Supply chain management coordinates those activities needed to best serve the requirements of the end-customer and, in so doing, achieves the best mix of responsiveness and efficiency for the market being served. At the same time, partners within the supply chain are supported to build their capacity to deliver value.

Moving forward, the supply chain management model will be used to identify leverage points where a small amount of concentrated effort can make a significant difference in the performance of the overall system.

What’s in Demand?

ConxusNEO provides value by bringing an increasing level of sophistication in the way labor market information is compiled, communicated and utilized to take collective action in the community.

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Taking Action

ConxusNEO is focused on building talent ecosystems to support manufacturing and IT. Join our networks and be an important part of our community’s effort to help us reach our goals to develop pipelines to meet short-and long-term goals.

Companies with tech talent needs:


Companies with talent needs to support manufacturing:

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Cross-sector collaboration among stakeholders throughout our entire talent system is what makes the ConxusNEO model so successful. By joining our network, you can contribute to shaping the shared goals and metrics that deliver value and get results.

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About Us

ConxusNEO is providing leadership, expertise, and facilitation to improve talent system partner performance while laying a foundation for system-wide transformation.

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Success Stories

Open communication, cross-sector collaboration and aligned strategies work. The talent system that ConxusNEO supports is already in motion within our community. Read testimonials from Summit County companies, residents and educators about how making these vital connections has helped them on their own unique pathways.

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As a decision maker and leader in your company, you have a pretty full plate. ConxusNEO can help streamline your talent research. We partner with private education and career-seeking markets to make a variety of resources available to you.

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