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If you were an orchestra conductor, who would you want as your first trombone – a trained nurse, web developer or musician? As a leader in your company, you face this type of scenario every time you have an open position. The obvious answer is to choose the person whose skills most closely align with your company’s needs. But finding someone with the right skills and aptitude – at the right time – can be challenging. By working hard to understand your talent needs, ConxusNEO is cultivating a world-class talent development system by engaging multiple talent networks to help you address this challenge and become more competitive.

We aim to give you greater access to a broad base of career seekers who are qualified, eager and available. This collaborative system helps companies across the network better forecast and articulate talent needs, quantify high-demand workplace skills, and adopt cost-effective hiring and training practices. All based on local data that reflects your company.

What’s in Demand? 

Demand for jobs has two main components – growth and replacement. Understanding these avenues and how they are at play in Summit County can impact your planning. ConxusNEO facilitates a diverse network of company partners and provides up-to-date labor market and forecasting data to help you focus your recruitment efforts to meet your needs. 

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Talent Networks

Talent networks assist with your current needs by aligning job preparation efforts with demand and ensuring you have access to the right candidates. By participating in these initiatives, ConxusNEO helps you influence education and training programs and reduce hiring costs.

Companies with IT talent needs should check out:


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Partnerships to build a pipeline of job seekers to consider viable careers in manufacturing:

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Why ConxusNEO?

ConxusNEO is an independent organization with strong partnerships across multiple sectors. We understand the business world, and we’re passionate about helping you build a pipeline that fuels your talent needs and empowers you to be more competitive.

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The Proof is in the Prosperity

Open communication, cross-sector collaboration and aligned strategies work. The talent system that ConxusNEO supports is already in motion within our community. Read testimonials from Summit County companies, residents and educators about how making these vital connections has helped them on their own unique pathways.

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As a decision maker and leader in your company, you have a pretty full plate. ConxusNEO can help streamline your talent research. We partner with private education and career-seeking markets to make a variety of resources available to you.

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Cross-sector collaboration among stakeholders throughout our entire talent system is what makes the ConxusNEO model so successful. By joining our network, you can contribute to shaping the shared goals and metrics that deliver value and get results.

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