Shared Goals – Aligned Strategies – Collective Impact

ConxusNEO inspires and supports our community to take transformative action, finding innovative solutions to prepare our talent pool. We:

  • Facilitate to develop shared goals
  • Support to align strategies so we make more progress together
  • Answer the question … is our collective work making a difference?


Our community is fortunate to have many assets available to support an effective talent system. In addition to the private sector and education partners, Summit County’s public workforce system is a significant resource that provides a wide range of services. Community and faith–based organizations offer workforce-related programming and still others provide support to increase access and remove barriers such as transportation, housing, childcare, literacy, and challenges faced by our immigrant/refugee community. Economic development entities generate opportunities for new careers, public-sector leaders serve as critical champions, and philanthropic partners support us to explore, learn, innovate, and implement.

Working Together to Build a Talent Ecosystem

Remember biology class when you learned about ecosystems? We learned about how living and non-living things interact with each other within a complex set of interrelated relationships that impact one another. In nature, the goal is to create balance and beauty out from chaos so that the system can thrive.

These days, we often hear the word “ecosystem” used when systems-change is being discussed. At ConxusNEO, we strive to be good stewards of the talent ecosystem by cultivating connections, encouraging mutually reinforcing cooperation, and fostering thriving individuals, companies, educators, organizations, and communities.

Take a Closer Look

What’s in Demand?

We begin with understanding the skill companies need to thrive and then align job preparation efforts to increase access to opportunities to acquire those skills.

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Get Connected

ConxusNEO is focused on building talent ecosystems to support manufacturing and IT. Join our networks and be an important part of our community’s effort to help us reach our goals to develop pipelines to meet short-and long-term goals.

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