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Summit County is reinventing itself by putting the “can-do” attitude we’re known for into practice. We are identifying emerging career opportunities that attract and retain young residents, providing coaching and mentorship, and helping them grow in skill and leadership capacity. Our community is working together to create a wide range of options and opportunities to help the next generation flourish. At ConxusNEO, we know that good, family-sustaining jobs are already here. We’re committed to illuminating a range of pathways that connect residents with those careers. Join us in building a community where growth and opportunity meet.

What’s in Demand? 

Demand for jobs has two main components – growth and replacement. Understanding these avenues and how they are at play in Summit County can impact your planning. ConxusNEO facilitates a diverse network of company partners and provides up-to-date labor market and forecasting data to help you focus your recruitment efforts to meet your needs. 

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We’re All in This Together   

Building strong families, neighborhoods and community prosperity is more effective when we work together. ConxusNEO unites cross-sector partnerships to develop shared goals, aligned strategies and collective measurements of success. Companies help by defining the skills most needed and offering coaching, inclusive hiring approaches, internships and good jobs. Training and education partners align curriculum with demand and seek opportunities to make programs more accessible. Community partners help career seekers quantify workplace skills to provide a powerful tool to present strengths to employers. Transportation, childcare, and immigrant and refugee services remove barriers and provide critical supports, particularly for those residents who have been faced with generational poverty and minimum wage jobs. If you are a faith leader, neighborhood organization, empowerment program or a resident who wants to make a difference in our community, join the movement.

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ConxusNEO has a network of resources that helps residents build on the strengths they already have while guiding them down their own unique pathways.



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The Proof is in the Prosperity

Open communication, cross-sector collaboration and aligned strategies work. The talent system that ConxusNEO supports is already in motion within our community. Read testimonials from Summit County companies, residents and educators about how making these vital connections has helped them on their own unique pathways.

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ConxusNEO is passionate about connecting work with prosperity. The more you know about achieving self-sufficiency, the better you can define your own unique pathway. ConxusNEO engages with like-minded partneres to help our community understand what self-suffiiency means and how to overcome its barriers.

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