ConxusNEO wants all residents to achieve prosperity. In order to reach this goal, we have to help our community understand what self-sufficiency means. That's why ConxusNEO is partnering with United Way of Summit County, a dedicated organization that has set a community goal to move 5,000 residents to self-sufficiency. Together, we define self-sufficiency as more than a wage that provides only for basic needs. But, the opportunity to thrive and move well beyond the basics depends upon many factors.

ConxusNEO is helping residents achieve self-sufficency by illuminating career pathways that connect work to good-paying jobs. In the coming months, we will also engage economists to help us better understand income levels and other important factors that may include reducing debt, building personal budgets, increasing assets, improving credit scores and building good banking relationships. Watch for details this summer.

Interested in Seeing Self-Sufficiency in Action?

Community members are making inspiring strides toward self-sufficiency every day. Watch this Bridges out of Poverty success story to see how life changing it can be.

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