Career Mapping

Did you know that there are manufacturing jobs available in Summit County right now that pay up to $25 per hour and don’t require a four-year degree? Or that programmers, machine operators and welders are among the highest in-demand jobs in the area? Understanding what opportunities are out there, how your current skills align with these opportunities and how you can further develop these skills through accelerated training are all aspects of career mapping.

ConxusNEO uses up-to-date labor market data, including area job postings information and open engagement with local companies and educators to determine how to make each individual career path clear and easy to navigate. Our reliable data spans a variety of industries, and our deep ties to the community give us invaluable insight into what’s available in Summit County. ConxusNEO synthesizes this information and shows you how you can best approach these opportunities. Check out the sample career map below, and see for yourself the value career mapping brings to your job search.  

Career Pathways

Interested in mapping your career goals? Take the first step on your pathway, and contact ConxusNEO.