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Imagine you’re assembling a thousand-piece puzzle. Only, there’s no picture on the front of the box, and the pieces are all the same color. Not that it matters anyway – you’re blindfolded. Disorienting, isn’t it? You might feel this way if you’ve been navigating job postings and training programs recently, trying to find your way. The good news is that Summit County is actually brimming with viable opportunities. The even better news is that finding those opportunities doesn’t have to be difficult. ConxusNEO is committed to helping you develop clear pathways to prosperity. For you, that means:

  • Peace of mind that comes with financial stability
  • Fulfilling work that uses your strengths and interests
  • Clear pathways that help you set and achieve goals

ConxusNEO is a backbone organization that connects and aligns a wide range of resources in our community. We’re not a job training and placement center; rather, we are here to steer you toward high-demand careers with a sustainable living wage.

What’s in Demand? 

Demand for jobs has two main components – growth and replacement. Understanding these avenues and how they are at play in Summit County can impact your planning. ConxusNEO facilitates a diverse network of company partners and provides up-to-date labor market and forecasting data to help you focus your recruitment efforts to meet your needs. 

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Career Mapping

Finding exciting careers that start with good jobs – and matching these opportunities with your personal strengths – is a journey. ConxusNEO uses reliable labor market data and valuable connections to companies and educators to provide personalized career mapping. Everyone’s pathway is different. Career mapping helps you find the fastest and most efficient way to get where you want to go.

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Skill-Based Partners

Career seeking is much easier when you use the skills you already have to propel your success. These partner organizations assist with assessment and guidance, online training and education opportunities, resume and interview preparation, connections with companies, and more.


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ConxusNEO is passionate about connecting work with prosperity. The more you know about achieving self-sufficiency, the better you can define your own unique pathway. ConxusNEO engages with like-minded partneres to help our community understand what self-suffiiency means and how to overcome its barriers.

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The Proof is in the Prosperity

Open communication, cross-sector collaboration and aligned strategies work. The talent system that ConxusNEO supports is already in motion within our community. Read testimonials from Summit County companies, residents and educators about how making these vital connections has helped them on their own unique pathways.

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Training and Education

Whether you’re a student, an entry-level career seeker or an experienced employee looking to grow, ConxusNEO can help direct you. Our education and training partners are well equipped to guide you on your skills pathway.

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Ready to connect? Contact us to find out more about how ConxusNEO can put you on the pathway to prosperity.