Why ConxusNEO?

Short answer: we partner with companies to identify skills needed to transform the way people are prepared for great careers so they prosper and companies thrive.

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Who We Serve

Utilizing reliable labor market data, trusted relationships and proven insight, ConxusNEO illuminates pathways to prosperity. We serve companies, career seekers, educators, the community and you.

How We Work

At ConxusNEO, we know that our vision to create and sustain a demand-driven, data-informed talent system is made possible by partner engagement. By building shared understanding of the opportunity, providing strategic guidance to develop a common agenda and inspiring critical thinking to address complex issues in innovative ways, ConxusNEO:

  • Supports aligned activities
  • Establishes shared measurement practices
  • Advances policy
  • Mobilizes funding

Whether you're a company, educator or passionate community member, we value your knowledge and want you in the mix.

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